rather в английском языке

rather + adv. несколько, немного и т. п.

We got home rather early this morning.
He got a seat rather far back in the upper boxes.
The boy was dark, rather tensely drawn, with a fine jaw and blue eyes.

rather+ noun почти, совсем, довольно (большой и т. п.)

The building is a great success, or rather a triumph.
She’s rather a dear (i.e. rather lovable).
Fifty pounds is rather a lot to pay for a dress.

rather+ phrase довольно и т. п.

I’m sorry, but I’m rather on edge.” (in the state of nervous tension; excited, nervous)
  He arrived rather in the early hours this morning.
 “Father is rather off colour. Works too hard.” (not in first-class health)

rather+clause (sentence) скорее, точнее и т. п.

Orderliness is not the result of law, rather it is the cause of it.

rather+ zero-component

Употребляется главным образом в британском варианте для эмфатического выражения одобрения, согласия: Конечно!; Само собой разумеется!; Еще бы!

— Would you like to come? — Rather!
  “Come to dinner tonight?” — “Rather!”
— Is it worth going to? — Rather!
— Would you like a holiday? — Rather! Roll yourself one.”
— Have you been here before? — Rather!

“I`d rather … than” –  также переводиться как “Я предпочел бы, чем”. Например:

 I’d rather have bad times with you, than good times with someone else
 Я предпочел бы иметь плохие времена с вами, чем хорошие времена с кем-то еще.


Discuss the meaning of rather as used in these sentences:

1. Would you rather take milk or cream?
2. 1 would rather not drink anything.
3. I would rather you came tomorrow.
4. This is not the result, rather it’s the cause.
5. I feel rather worse today.
6. I know her rather well.

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