The flora of Kazakhstan

Semidesert is between two different zonessteppes and deserts. Very often large areas are occupied by wormwood, and in some more humid parts, there are thickets of needle grass.
Basically, semidesert vegetationis fescue, daisy and feath grass. About 250 species of plants in Kazakhstan are adapt to desert conditions. The most interesting representative isth black saksaal. Also, in the desert area, sand acacia can be found The Altai Mountains are rich in cedar and pine forests. In the southern mountains of Tien Shan there are a lot of apple and ash forests. Spruce forests grow in the Altai Mountains. It is believed that such plants as walnut, fir, spruce and maple appeared in Kazakhstan many millions years ago through the hill country of the Tien Shan, when the system was just beginning to take shape and had low hills. The nature of the Altai, Alatau Mountains is rich in various flowers: iris, saffon, bluebells, autumn crocus, snowdrops, peonies, some kinds of roses and tulips and the symbol ol mountains, edelweiss.

Comprehension questions.
1. Where is semidesert situated?
2. How many species of plants are there in Kazakhstan desertsName some of them.
3. What grows in the mountains? Name the flowers.
4. What flower is the symbol of mountains?

True or False?
1. Semidesert vegetation is poor.
2. The Altai Mountains are rich in cedal and pine forests.
3. Such plants as walnut, fir, spruce and maple appeared in Kazakhstan not long ago.
4. The symbol of mountains is edelweiss.

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