Animal lovers topic

There is a particular breed of humans who love animals. Some of these people are dog-lovers; others are attached to cats; some prefer horses, fish, or birds. A few love all animals, including mice and snake. True animal lovers are devoted to keeping their pets safe, happy and healthy. For example, a rich American woman, Mrs. Rockefeller-Dodge, at one time spent $50,000 a year feeding her fifty dogs the finest cuts of meet. Her family finally took her to court to try to stop her from squandering her money in this way. The judge, however, agreed with Mrs, Dodge and she continued treating her dogs to the life style she felt they deserved.

Animal lovers like Mrs. Dodge believe their affection is returned, and they have evidence to support their belief. Accounts of amazing, often heroic animal behavior suggest that many animals are, in fact. people-lovers. Acanary in Tennessee saved the life of the old woman who fed it; a dog in Switzerland rescued more than forty people who were in danger of freezing in the mountains; a Japanese dog continued to meet his master`s train for more than ten years after his master had died; off the coast of New Zealand, ships used to sale safely through a dangerous channel only because they were guided by a friendly porpoise.

 With stories of devotion like these to encourage them, people willingly return thier pets` affection by buying them things. Not only do Americans spend more than three billion dollars annually on basics like food, grooming, and veterinarian services, they provide their animals with extras like clothes, jeweled collars, special dishes, beds, and in extreme cases, sunglasses and psychiatrists.

         No evidence exists to prove that this expensive treatment makes the animals any happier, but it certainly pleases the pet industry. This industry has grown to a healthy sis billion dollar business and looks forward to a rosy future. As one pet dealer said, “We offer love for sale. Not many business can make that claim”.



1. Who spent at one time 50.000 dollars to feed her dog?

A) a rich Austrian woman

B) a rich American woman

C) a rich Australian woman

D) a rich Armenian woman

E) a rich Argentian woman

2. What kind of extras do they provide their animals?

A) books, jeweled collars, money

B) clothes, telephones, beds

C) clothes, jeweled collars, beds

D) clothes, jeweled collars, ships

E) clothes, jeweled coatss, beds

3. Where did the accident with forty people take place?

A) in Sheffield

B) in Stirling

C) in Shrewsbury

D) in Switzerland

E) in Salisbury

4. How many money do Americans spend annually for pets?

A) more than three million dollars

B) more than two million dollars

C) more than three billion dollars

D) more than two billion dollars

E) more than four billion dollars

5. Where did ships sail safely through a dangerous channel?

A) off the coast of Nicaragua

B) off the coast of New Jersey

C) off the coast of Nigeria

D) off the coast of Norway

E) off the coast of New Zealand

6. What saved the life of the old woman?

A) a canary

B) a peacock

C) a parrot

D) a lark

E) a sparrow

7. How many dogs did Mrs. Dodge have?

A) twenty dogs

B) sixty dogs

C) fifty dogs

D) forty dogs

E) thirty dogs